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Sustainability and mental health are topics not often discussed together. SLC believes this is an opportunity to improve the sustainability of mental health care currently by addressing the second principle of sustainable health care- empowerment. Empowering those with mental illness, their families and their local communities to manage their illness independently, especially those with limited financial resources. Many common mental health problems, such as milder forms of depression and anxiety, can be successfully managed without the need of medical input. Nature-based interventions can improve a variety of mental health conditions and the fact that minimal resource interventions such as talking therapies, group-based interventions, exercise and mindfulness, as well as psycho education can all provide clinical benefit as well as positive social outcomes. By providing the right social support with high quality engaging resources to help people

help themselves is key.

The Sunday School gang has teamed up with Rid-All Partnership on Earth Day to provide a free community event. The act of gardening is healing, it can lower stress, create a sense of fulfillment, community and promote peace of mind.

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